Value Spotlight

Stock picks you can trust, to build wealth and security in an irrational world.

Save time. Generate compounding returns.

What's our most valuable commodity? What's holding us back from achieving the financial freedom we desire?


Stock market investors can save time and find success by discovering the right tools and resources. If you don't know where to start, or are simply tired of wading through the endless sea of financial information, Value Spotlight was created for you. 

Our mission to demystify the market for individual investors started 6 years ago with our podcast. After 370+ episodes and 15m+ downloads, we've found that the magic is in the power of compounding.

A portfolio of the right businesses will generate wonderful returns. But, a wrong decision can cost years of compounding; that's why the right tools are essential. 

Transforming a portfolio.

If you feel like you've wasted time in the market, with the wrong investments or wrong strategies, 

You are not alone.

I was a deep value investor for 6 years. Patiently waiting for my luck to finally turn in the next bear market. Until the pandemic happened, and stocks finally crashed mightily. Except, my value stocks crashed even harder.

At that point— things had to change.

With the help of my trusted business partner, I hit the textbooks hard. To find out the mystery of valuation, and why growth stocks are more expensive than value stocks.

Since that mind-shift, my results transformed. I finally understand why some stocks trade at higher P/E's than others, and why some never recover at all.

With this knowledge, we can identify the truly great businesses that are being forgotten by the market. And buy these stocks at the right time.

Included in Your Subscription

  • Monthly stock pick recommendations: Build a portfolio with great long-term businesses, when they are trading at a good price.
  • Portfolio management: Structure the portfolio by heavily investing in only the best ideas, and quickly selling underperforming businesses.
  • Real Money Portfolio: Invest alongside a manager with skin in the game. We're investing our life savings in the same stocks together.
  • Stock picks with a margin of safety: Avoid mistakes and preserve your capital by sticking to companies with strong cash flows.
  • Invest in businesses that grow over time: Find value opportunities in companies with great, often undiscovered, tailwinds for growth.
  • Tracking performance over time: Personal and professional accountability, so all subscribers are treated like they are family.